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The Doll Collector

I am an avid collector of dolls. If I go on travels, I make sure that I bring home dolls with me. 

One time, a friend who was traveling abroad called me up and asked me what I wanted for him to bring home for me. Of course, I told him to bring me the most exotic doll that he could find. I was really excited to see him home. So after two weeks of waiting, he finally was coming home. I offered to pick him up in the airport so that I can get the dolls right away. 

After dropping him off to his house, he gave me a big paper bag. He said that I will surely enjoy them. When I got home, I ran to my room and open the paper bag; I was really shocked to see adult sex toys and Love dolls. 

I called my friend about his prank. He was laughing so hard and told me that he got the love dolls and adult sex toys in a flea market in a very cheap price. 

Well, beggars can’t be choosers as they say so I thanked my friend and kept the toys. I don’t have plans of using them, but I hope someone would ask a doll from me and I would hesitate to give those love dolls away.